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Secondhand clothing

Time to shop, ‘cause from now on you shop & sell your secondhand clothing by LOAVIES via RELOAVED! Always dreamt of a platform on which you can sell your vintage women’s clothing? Your prayers have been heard, starting from now there’s a special website on which you can create your own shop. This way, you create a fashion empire on which you can sell pre-loved clothes by LOAVIES! Put lovely looks online or visit the shop of another user. Maybe you’ll score that one dress for half the price! Time to shop it till your drop, ‘cause you can finally find all the secondhand clothing by LOAVIES online at one place.

Create your own shop

Get ready to shop! Make your own customizable shop on & sell all your secondhand clothing by LOAVIES. How? Extremely simple! Give your shop a catchy name, add a profile picture & upload all the LOAVIES styles you wanna sell. This is super easy, ‘cause previous orders via the website of LOAVIES are automatically linked to your account! With one push on the button, you add all pre-loved clothes to your shop. Now the online selling of your secondhand clothes can finally begin! Don’t forget to give your pieces a fair price. Has the staple never been worn before? Then you can ask a somewhat higher price for the secondhand women’s clothing from your wardrobe. Have you worn those trousers a lot of times? Go down in price to have a greater chance of selling it!

Put secondhand vintage clothing online

Did you put some pretty secondhand clothing by LOAVIES online? Use the awesome extra options by RELOAVED. Add a cool tag that shows the kind of clothing piece, for example. Is it a key-piece someone should definitely add to their closet? Add this tag easily when you sell clothes online. Another option is to add a discount, so you’ll sell your styles even quicker! Managed to sell a lovely look? Yay, lucky you! Then it’s time to cash.

Cash out secondhand clothing

Cashing out secondhand clothing you’ve sold is even easier than selling it. Did you sell trousers for 20 euros? Receive the amount of money within 24 hours on your wallet, including 20% extra shopping money. After that, you decide how you wanna be paid. Transfer the 20 euros to your personal bank account or earn the amount as shopping money, including 20% extra on top to spend on Instead of 20 euros, you now get 24 euros to spend on new clothes! Selling secondhand clothing has never been so awesome before.

What’s so fun about secondhand shopping?

The most awesome thing about this platform is that you can give your old clothes by LOAVIES secondhand shine by selling it. You contribute to the environment! Next to that, selling your secondhand vintage clothing gives you a good reason to finally clean out your closet. It’s also a very valid reason to shop for new staples of course. Extra cool is shopping with a profit when you cash your secondhand wardrobe out in shopping money. Who wouldn’t want that? Start creating your own shop to build a fashion empire! Get ready for the shopping spree of your life when you begin selling secondhand LOAVIES clothing on RELOAVED.