Secondhand clothing

Would you love to sell your secondhand clothing? We’ve got very good news for you! RELOAVED has got a very own platform on which you can breathe new life into the stunning styles of LOAVIES. You cannot only sell these secondhand online clothes, but also shop for yourself. Ideal when you wanna clean out your closet or when you’ve been looking for that one party item that has been sold out for months. On the website of RELOAVED you’ll find pieces that are currently on the website as well as secondhand clothing by LOAVIES that has already been sold out. Time to give your wardrobe some secondhand shine!

Selling secondhand women’s clothes

Cleaned out your closet & ready to sell your vintage clothing online? Super, ‘cause it’s extremely easy to cash! Go to the website of RELOAVED & make a customizable shop to create your own fashion empire. When you’ve come up with a great name, it’s time to put the vintage clothing by LOAVIES online. This is super easy, ‘cause old styles from previous orders are automatically visible on your account! What do you think about selling that blouse you’ve only worn twice or that pair of trousers that turned out to be a little big? Make someone else very happy when you start selling your secondhand clothing. Your loss is someone else’s gain!

Payment of sold pre-loved clothes

Did you manage to sell your secondhand clothes online? Time to cash! You’ll receive the amount of the secondhand clothing, including 20% extra shopping money, within 24 hours on your wallet. As a seller, you decide for yourself how you will receive the payment for your sold styles. The first option is a payment in cash, whereby you can transfer the money to your bank account yourself! Another option is 20% extra shopping money. This way, you get extra money to spend on Did you sell secondhand clothing from your wardrobe for 10 euros? Then you’ll get 12 euros of shopping money to spend on the website of LOAVIES. Shopping spree incoming!

Shoppen at RELOAVED

Not in the mood to sell, but a bigger fan of shopping? That’s also possible via our RELOAVED website. Here you’ll find all sorts of secondhand clothing by LOAVIES. Score that one tropical top via the platform for less or buy the flared trousers that weren’t available on the website for less. Extra cool? You can shop for secondhand clothing that has already been sold out on the website for a while! Were you too late for that awesome glitter dress or festival jumpsuit? No worries! When you shop for secondhand vintage clothing via RELOAVED, you still get the chance to grab those popular pre-loved clothes!

Perks of secondhand vintage clothing

The biggest perk of selling & shopping secondhand clothing at RELOAVED? Definitely that all your fave secondhand LOAVIES styles can easily be found at one place. This way, you never have to search again! Also very nice is the option to add a tag or discount to your staples. This makes your pieces sell even quicker! It’s also very handy that you decide whether you wanna receive money for your sold styles or 20% extra shopping money to spend on Time to make a profit! Don’t wait any longer & build your fashion empire today by shopping & selling secondhand LOAVIES clothes.