Tips & tricks for the perfect photos

Ready to sell your pre-loved LOAVIES pieces? 
Take a look at our tips & tricks for taking the best
pictures of your staples. This way, your pieces sell
out even sooner!

Go for natural light

Take your photos during the day in a well-lit room. A natural light source always works best, but you can also get the right exposure with a ring lamp.

Pick a neutral surrounding

Use a neutral background with nothing else on it. This way you give your pre-loved gem all the shine it deserves!

No flash, please!

Flash light can distort colors or make the image shiny. So leave your flash off when taking photos and keep it natural using daylight.

Use your own photos

Always take your own photos, 'cause buyers wanna see how the item looks on you! Pictures from our website are a no-go and images with copyright are also not allowed. Ask someone to help you or use a tripod to take the perfect pictures of you wearing the item.